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PCB Design

At Legacy Electronics, we are always on the lookout for the technology needs of the next generation. Legacy Electronics’ design teams cater to design engineers, semiconductor and system OEMs internationally. We have experience with every major CAD tool on the market and we can support any design regardless of speed or layout constraints.  

Our designs routinely push the limits of controlled impedance PCB stack-ups and routing constraints. We have extensive experience designing with blind and buried vias as well as frequencies up to and including the RF spectrum. We utilize a select group of PCB fabrication suppliers that have proven they can meet our stringent requirements.

PCB 3D Model

At the time of layout and routing we 3D model the finished PCB in Altium Designer.


Before fabrication we can simulate our designs using Allegro PCB SI signal integrity analysis.

PCB Thermal Analysis

We also have experience conducting full thermal analysis utilizing Mentor Graphics FloTherm software.

Schematic Capture

Our schematic capture tools have the ability to import every major format on the market.

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