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Patents & Trademarks

Legacy is proud to yield many innovative designs, produced by a pool of talented individuals whose talent and drive exceed the ordinary. Their efforts have resulted in the development of the Canopy® chip-stacking alternative, a three-dimensional printed circuit board subassembly and process technology, and new ultra low-form-factor Point Seven™ line of memory modules.

In addition to a number of pending applications, the following patents are on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

7,435,097 Radial circuit board, system, and methods
7,405,471 Carrier-based electronic module
7,337,522 Method and apparatus for fabricating a circuit board with a three dimensional surface mounted array of semiconductor chips
7,316,060 System for populating a circuit board with semiconductor chips
7,103,970 Method for fabricating a circuit board with a three dimensional surface mounted array of semiconductor chips
7,102,892 Modular integrated circuit chip carrier
6,900,529 Electronic module having a three dimensional array of carrier-mounted integrated circuit packages
6,713,854 Electronic Circuit Module With a Carrier Having a Mounting Pad Array
6,545,868 Electronic Module Having a Canopy®-type Carrier
6,487,078 Electronic Module Having a Three Dimensional Array of Carrier–mounted Integrated Circuit Packages
6,313,998 Circuit Board Assembly Having a Three Dimensional Array of Integrated Circuit Packages

The following trademarks are registered with the United State Patent and Trademark Office.

US TM 78/584,194 Legacy Electronics Inc.™ Logo
CTM SN 004629861 Legacy Electronics Inc.® Logo
MPU Ref. A0002511 Legacy Electronics Inc.™ Logo
US Reg. 2,222,217 Legacy Electronics, Inc.®
US Reg. 2,989,889 Canopy®
CTM Reg. 003029337 Canopy®
US Reg. 2,355,587 TAP INTO THE POWER®
US Reg. 2,960,119 COOL-RAM®
CTM SN 002939593 COOL-RAM™
US TM 78/643,079 Five Star Generals™
US TM 78/643,095 Five Star Generals™ Logo
US SN 76/616,011 Point Seven™


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