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New DDR Memory Module Options Provide Lower Cost, Higher Density Solutions For Networking, Server, Workstation & Laptop Applications

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — August 28, 2001 — Offering computer hardware manufacturers new price/performance options in Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) for a variety of applications, Legacy Electronics announces the availability of their new DDR (Dual Data Rate) DIMM family. Incorporating Legacy's recently introduced, patent-pending, stacking-alternative Canopy® subassembly technology, these DDR DIMMs are currently available in a 184-pin DIMM and a 200-pin SO DIMM (Small Outline DIMM) option.

"Combining the speed of DDR with the innovation of Canopy®,"  says Legacy COO Eric Uhlenhoff,  "provides for superior high-density, high-speed solutions at a lower cost, and therefore lower risk than the other high-end DDR solutions out there."

Canopy® Technology

The Legacy Electronics Canopy® technology is a three-dimensional printed circuit board subassembly and a patent-pending process technology using a single-sided reflow, which increases on-board memory capacity without pre-stacking components. Considered an alternative to traditional stacking technologies, Canopy® reduces memory module manufacturing costs while reducing time to market and reliability issues, including thermal failures.


The 184-pin DIMM, in 256MB through 1GB densities, and the 200-pin SODIMM, in 256MB and 512MB densities, are in stock or available with a 1-2 week lead time, depending on quantity. Price discounts are available for volume quantities.

Available in a variety of platforms, Legacy Electronics memory modules are randomly accessed, solid-state devices manufactured in both industry-standard and custom configurations.

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Founded in 1993 and located among South Orange County, California's new high technology companies, Legacy Electronics is an ISO 9001-registered electronics firm. Last year the company purchased and moved into new manufacturing headquarters to accommodate expansion of surface-mount technology (SMT) and automated test (ATE) equipment, as well as the hiring of additional personnel.

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