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New 1-Inch PC2700/2100 Registered DDR DIMM From Legacy Electronics First To Provide 1GB Memory In Leadless Module

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — March 11, 2003 — For their 1GB, 1-inch registered DDR Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM), Legacy Electronics has invented a solution where no specifications previously existed. That's because this 1-inch DIMM is the first to provide 1GB of memory in a 1-inch registered module using all leadless components. Designed from scratch, the new Leadless Canopy® DIMM is an alternative to chip stacking, with the only just-in-time leadless memory manufacturing solution that's readily available for chip-scale packaging and supports DDR 266 and 333.

Jason Engle, President of Legacy Electronics, said, "Leadless FBGA Canopy® technology means designers now have the ability to develop 3D high-density registered modules and adhere to the demanding height restrictions set for DDR333 DIMMs, and beyond."

"The leads along the chips sides are gone (with BGA-type packages), but top-accessible probe points provide for timing verification, signal integrity analysis, or pre-testing,"  commented Ken Kledzik, Legacy's Chief Technology Officer.

The 1GB, 1-inch DIMM is a JEDEC standard, 128 X 72, high-density registered synchronous memory module. It consists of thirty-six CMOS 64Mx4, 4-bank synchronous DDR SDRAMs in 60-ball FBGA packages on a 184-pin glass epoxy substrate, and uses the Canopy® 3-D chip carrier technology. With the use of system clock, the synchronous design permits precise cycle control.

Due to the flexible range operating frequencies and programmable latencies, this device is useful for a variety of high-bandwidth, high-performance memory applications.

Availability & Future Support

The new Leadless 1GB, 1-inch registered DDR DIMM is available starting in Q2, 2003, with price discounts for volume quantities. A downloadable, four-page data sheet is available at  Designers may also call 888-466-3853, or email questions to Leadless technology support for DDR400 and DDR2 will be available from Legacy Electronics by year's end.

About Legacy Electronics

Legacy Electronics, an ISO 9001:2000-registered electronics firm, is home of the patented Canopy® chip-stacking alternative technology.

Founded in 1993 and located among the new high-technology companies of South Orange County, California, Legacy Electronics manufactures high-speed, high-density memory modules. The firm developed and patented a new three-dimensional printed circuit board subassembly and  process technology called Canopy®. The customer response to Canopy® products and services in 2002 has allowed Legacy to increase personnel numbers by 30% and add an additional manufacturing shift to meet demand.

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