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Legacy Receives ISO 9001 Certification Registration

Legacy Electronics, an electronics component manufacturing firm specializing in the design, manufacture and test of high-speed memory modules and printed circuit boards, announces that it successfully completed and received the ISO 9001 Certification registration. Obtained through QMI (Quality Management Institute, a division of CSA International), this registration encompasses the management system processes covering design, development, and test, as well as manufacturing, distribution, and servicing.

"It is rare that I see such a company-wide effort toward certification ownership and qualification," said Quality Systems Consultant Bob Murdock, Managing Director of Sigma Quality Solutions.  "From the get-go, Legacy Electronics made the commitment in terms of people and hours, energy and dollars to meet certification requirements and to pass the auditing process in under 8 months. While a significant number of applicant companies do not pass certification their first time, Legacy Electronics passed the first time while meeting the demands of a move to a new facility and installation of new equipment."

Jason Engle, President of Legacy Electronics, commented, "We've always placed the highest importance on quality products and processes for our customers, but with ISO 9001 certification, our guarantee is more visible and customers can be assured that the proper quality control systems are in place."

Legacy Electronics recently purchased and moved into a new 15,000-square-foot contract manufacturing headquarters facility in the Amanecer Industrial Complex in San Clemente. The move accommodates recent expansion and the purchase of $3 million in surface-mount technology (SMT) and automated test (ATE) equipment, as well as the hiring of additional personnel.

Founded in 1993 and located among South Orange County, California's new high technology companies, Legacy Electronics is an electronics component contract manufacturing firm, specializing in the design, manufacture and test of high-speed memory modules, printed circuit boards, and other computer products.

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