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Legacy Electronics Qualifies As Approced NEC Vendor

SAN Clemente, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Legacy Electronics, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed memory, announced Thursday that it has qualified as an approved NEC vendor.

Legacy's PC-100 compliant SDRAM DIMM Spec. 1.0 is now an approved memory upgrade for NEC's Direction and PowerMate desktop computers.

According to Vernon Weiss, Director of Marketing for NEC's Direction product line, Legacy is the first memory manufacturer to provide NEC with compliant memory for a BX chipset, which supports the new 100 MHz bus speed.

"Legacy's PC-100 ran successfully at full capacity in our Direction SPL333 Series computers," said Weiss.  "We were impressed with its solid performance."

Legacys PC-100 is one of the first DIMMs to successfully support a 100 MHz motherboard, said Ken Kledzik, vice president of engineering at Legacy Electronics. Anticipating the migration to 100 MHz bus speeds, Legacy developed its PC-100 in late 1997 and was in full production by January 1998.

Commenting on Legacy's qualification as an approved NEC vendor, Kledzik added, "We're proud to be among the first to provide NEC and other OEMs with memory solutions for the upcoming systems running at 100 MHz and beyond."

Legacy's new SDRAM DIMMs are offered in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB and 256MB capacities. Both ECC and non-ECC modules are available. These memory upgrades are guaranteed to be fully compatible with system specifications. They're manufactured to ISO-9002 standards and are 100 percent tested at speed.

"We hand design our products and strictly adhere to specifications,"  said Kledzik, who has 18 years experience in high speed design to his credit. "That's why our products work the first time, every time."

Founded in 1993, Legacy Electronics is an international distributor and manufacturer of memory products. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and test of high-speed memory.

Located in San Clemente, the $30 million memory company ranks 10th among the nation's top 100 independent electronics distributors, according to Electronic Buyers News.

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