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Legacy Electronics’ New Low-Profile DDR2 DIMM With Canopy® Is First 2GB Module For Low-Height Blade Server Applications

Eliminates Need To Angle DIMMs To Fit

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — December 1, 2004 — Close on the heels of introducing the first 1GB density low-profile (.7 inches) DDR Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) last month, Legacy Electronics now offers a DDR2-technology module with a board height of only .85 inches.  Standard 2GB DDR2 modules typically come in board heights of around 1.18", too high for vertical installs in blade server applications.  To achieve 2GB application, design engineers had to tilt the socket for the module to fit.

No longer necessary.  The Low-Profile DDR2™ DIMM with Canopy® technology makes it possible to mount on a vertical socket in blade server or embedded computer applications, bringing DDR2 speed, low-voltage operation, and leadless FBGA packaging to these environments.

Kelvin Marino, Legacy's director of application engineering and new product development, said: "As with the Point Seven™ module released recently, the benefits of using the Low-Profile DDR2 DIMM are many.  Memory controller net lengths are reduced, more airflow results, and more memory slots can be designed into system boxes."

These JEDEC-standard, ECC-registered DIMMs are available in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB densities (see Table 1 below).  The modules consist of 18 or 36 CMOS DDR2 SDRAMs in FBGA packages on a 240-pin glass epoxy substrate.
The Canopy® leadless FBGA component carrier is part of Legacy Electronics' patented, three-dimensional assembly technology and is an alternative to conventional chip stacking.

Table 1: DDR2 0.85" (21.60mm) ECC Module Product Offering
Part Number            Density     Speed      Mhz    Config.       Latency   Module Ranks
 x506472J30A-37A   512MB   PC2-4200  533   64Megx72    CL4-4-4      Single
 x506472J30A-50A   512MB   PC2-3200  400   64Megx72    CL3-3-3      Single 
 x512872M30A-37A    1GB     PC2-4200   533  128Megx72   CL4-4-4     Single
 x512872M30A-50A    1GB     PC2-3200   400  128Megx72   CL3-3-3     Single
 x525672M30B-37A    2GB     PC2-4200   533  256Megx72   CL4-4-4     Dual  
 x525672M30B-50A    2GB     PC2-3200   400  256Megx72   CL3-3-3     Dual
 Spec Sheet

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About Legacy Electronics

Founded in 1993 and located among the new high-technology companies of South Orange County, California, Legacy Electronics is home of the patented Canopy® (chip-stacking alternative, a three-dimensional printed circuit board subassembly and process technology, and the new low-form-factor 'Point Seven™' memory module product line.  Legacy is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, designer and tester of high-speed, high-density memory modules, printed circuit boards, and other computer products.

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