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Legacy Electronics Introducts New Leadless Canopy®

3-Dimensional PCB SubAssembly Technology For Leadless High-Speed Memory Applications

SAN CLEMENTE, CA — February 10, 2003 — With the introduction of Leadless Canopy® , Legacy Electronics now offers next-generation electronics designers even more versatility in memory module manufacturing cost and reliability issues. The Original Canopy® technology, introduced two years ago, allows designers to increase memory capacity without stacking. The new Leadless Canopy® is also an alternative to chip stacking, but with the only just-in-time leadless memory manufacturing solution that's readily available for chip-scale packaging with multi-point flexibility.

Ken Kledzik, Legacy Electronics' Chief Technical Officer, says, "Leadless Canopy® design flexibility allows for easy modifications of most packaging types and supports decoupling capacitors on board. It's impedance controlled, and has top-accessible probe points for timing verification, signal integrity analysis, or pre-testing."

Jason Engle, Legacy Electronics' President, says, "Both the original and the new Leadless Canopy® process technologies provide OEMs and contract manufacturers a reliable means for adding an unmatched price/performance profile to their existing products."

Leadless Canopy® is a factory-friendly, cost-effective solution for high-density, high-speed integrated circuit memory applications, including SDRAM DIMMs, PC 100, PC 133, and DDR SDRAM.

"Manufacturers who wait for vendor-provided proprietary-process memory modules rather than assemble in-house," adds Engle, "can now do their own leadless assembly and take control of product reliability and accountability. Or, they can purchase Leadless Canopy® with the associated assembly services. The choice is theirs."

About Legacy Electronics

Founded in 1993 and located among the new high-technology companies of South Orange County, California, Legacy Electronics is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, designer and tester of high-speed, high-density memory modules, printed circuit boards, and other computer products. Their 15,000-square-foot contract manufacturing headquarters facility is located in the Amanecer Industrial Complex in San Clemente, and accommodates over $5 million in surface-mount technology (SMT) and automated test (ATE) equipment.

The customer response to Canopy® products and services in 2001 and 2002 has allowed Legacy to increase personnel numbers by 30% and add an additional manufacturing shift to meet demand.

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